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3D Virtual Tour

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User experience

Thanks to our interactive solutions, you can give your virtual visitors a real user experience

Check out our recent virtual tours!

Interactive tours start by clicking on the opening image.

Jagicza Patrícia: Blank Space

The virtual tour for Nagyházi Contemporary Gallery shows a solo exhibition by a contemporary young artist, Patrícia Jagicza. The virtual tour is a good example of how this method of display can be used by smaller institutions and commercial galleries to document and represent their exhibitions.

'Cloaca, Canals and Closets' - small things and big changes

Visitors of the virtual tour of the Museum Kiscell can expand their knowledge of the cultural history of the canalization of Budapest. The extraordinary exhibition is complemented by special interactive solutions such as guided sound effects, hidden "fx" effects and embedded videos.

Tabula rasa. - Zsigmond Károlyi and the "monochrome painting department"

At the exhibition Tabula Rasa presented by the GODOT Institute of Contemporary Art presents the history of the "legendary" monochrome painting class of the Hungarian College of Fine Arts, through selected works of the class teachers and students. Thanks to the artwork reproductions we have made, each artwork can be viewed separately.

Hungarian Orientalists

In the bilingual virtual tour for the Hungarian Academy of Sciences visitors can meet with the work of two prominent members of the academy, Sándor Kőrösi Csoma and Ignác Goldziher, through the rare documents kept by Oriental Collection of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Library and Information Center.

Design Without Borders Exhibition 2022

The nearly two decades old, grandiose international design exhibition was hosted in 2022 by the churchyard of the Museum Kiscell. Thanks to Design Without Borders, the work of more than 150 artists from 16 European countries was displayed.

Lee Dae Sung: On the shore of a vanishing island

Lee Dae Sung, documentary photographer draws attention to the dangers of climate change, including sea level rise, at an online exhibition hosted by the Korean Cultural Center in Budapest as part of the Budapest Photo Festival.

Everyday Shortcomings

In the PAD Foundation's virtual exhibition documentation, titled Everyday Shortcomings - which conducts research, policy analysis and concepts, as well as advocacy, education and social sensitization with an approach to environmental justice - we have included a number of interactive elements.

Fate, the Great Painter – Miniature paintings of Emil Ámin Kazanlár

The painting style of Emil Ámin Kazanlár is completely different from the Hungarian and Western European painting traditions. The Hungarian fine art palette combines the most different cultures and religions, the "One Thousand and One Nights" with ancient Hungarian myths.

Some reason to work with us:


We believe in individual solutions

Contrary to many other virtual tour creator, we work with modern technology, 
controlling all phases. This way, we have the opportunity to personalize all the important details of the tour, and surpass the market in terms of quality. In each case, we make our decisions together with our partners, so we do not hand over a pre-made template, but in each case a unique, outstanding, high-quality result.
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