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State-of-the-art digital technology

for the service of the arts

Who are we and what we do?

Our passion is to present modern digital display solutions.


Thanks to our higher education in the field of art and our experience over the years, we provide our partners high-quality personalized digital representation solutions.

Our work is also a passion, as we can meet with unique cultural values every day, as well as get in touch with active members in the contemporary art life. 

We hope to welcome you as our partner soon!

Who we like to work with

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3D Virtual Tours

Swift, interactive, stunning!

With our personalized virtual tours, cultural institutions can reach more visitors than ever before, show more features, and document their exhibitions for the future in greater detail.

Digitalis Kepmuhely_xrite repro.jpg

Artwork Reproduction

High resolution, color-fidelity, needle sharp!

Reproduction is a speciality of photography. Unlike other areas of photography, in our work we take pictures without relying on creative imaging and relying on strict measurements.

23 The presence of an abandoned past 2021 NYOLCÉSFÉL, fotódokumentáció » © Digitális Képmű

Exhibition Documantation

Detailed, objective, professional!

We cannot leave out documenting art exhibitions to a high standard from the repertoire of our activities. We process the images quickly, so we can hand over the developed files optimized for social media surfaces on the day of the photoshoot.

Képernyőfotó 2022-03-16 - 10.27.44.jpg

Batch Processing

Accurate, up-to-date, document-preserving!

Where the science of institutions ends at digitization, that's where we get in the picture! Thanks to our modern equipment, we are able to capture every detail of 2D or 3D pieces of collection. 

Feedback from our partners

'Diverse compositions, correct display. The pictures were excellent. Thank you very much!'

Gábor A., 
gallery owner

'From the references we knew we could expect high quality, but the virtual tour had exceeded all our expectations.'

Réka K.,
collection manager

'I have been looking for a photographer for a long time to see my artwork in almost the same colours as in real life.'

Eszter R.,

'When they pulled gloves before photographing, I knew right away that I had found the right professionals.'

László M.,
art collector

Some of our partners:

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